This blog is about the adventures of a B.A. entering the big, green world!

My background: I grew up in Appleton, Wisconsin and just graduated from Lawrence University in June 2009, majoring in Biology and Environmental Science. I am currently attending the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University in Bloomington to get a Master’s of Public Affairs and a Master’s of Science in Environmental Science. (That mouthful can be abbreviated thus: “I am currently attending SPEA at IUB to get a MPA/MSES,” but that’s a bit obnoxious with all the acronyms.) After school, I want to work with communities to help them make the transition to environmentally-friendly policies and practices, so that we all can live in a sustainable world. However, I have come to realize that social sustainability in communities is just as important as sound environmental practices, so in my career, I wish to work on sustainable economic, environmental, and social aspects of community development in a holistic fashion. Until then, I’ll just have to write about my adventures here.  I’ll be blogging my adventures in internships, graduate school, job searches, and any other event or news item that crosses my path. Once in a while, I’ll also be throwing in fun posts on my hobbies cooking and bread baking as well as the occasional book review.

Past adventures: From January to March of 2009, I had an Environmental Internship at Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin (NCW), working as part of their “Protect the Planet” 2009 action plan on efforts to reduce the amount our organization contributes to the landfill by finding other outlets for unsalable donations. This internship was the initial impetus for starting this blog, so the entries during my first three months are largely about my experience at Goodwill. Now that it’s done, I’m writing about other things as they come to me (as well as continuing to post miscellaneous past writings and Lawrentian columns). Keep checking back for the latest updates and my Adventures in Sustainability!

And, let me know if you’re reading regularly. I’d love to know who my audience is and what you think. Please feel free to comment here, or on any of my pages! You can also email me at adventuresinsustainability[at]gmail.com. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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